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Diagnostics For Concussions In 4 Minutes, Available for Your Client

Diagnostics For Concussions In 4 Minutes, Available for Your Client

Concussion diagnostic techniques of the past don’t provide a definitive “yes” or “no” answer. Patients with head trauma require neurological exams, cognitive testing, imaging tests, and patient observation, sometimes overnight. Despite all that, a diagnosis is not always 100% conclusive that your client has a concussion. This can complicate court documentation and prolong your client’s case. But what if diagnostics for concussions provided a black and white answer? Now they can.

Watermark Medical Partners is offering access to the one FDA-cleared tool that documents and diagnoses your client’s concussion in minutes. Specifically, a simple 4-minute test measures abnormalities in their eye movements after a head injury. To illustrate, your client watches a video on the device for a few minutes while it analyzes 100,000 data points of subtle eye movements and cranial nerve function. Then, it generates a definitive report on your client’s concussion likelihood. And it’s completely non-invasive.

Remarkably, there’s no baseline test needed; it’s the only baseline-free test with FDA clearance to diagnose mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), also known as concussion, within seven days of injury. A diagnostic report is instantly generated for your records. Additionally, you can pair the report with a Neurologist’s medical findings as supporting evidence. This powerful information is now available to you; click here to talk with us and learn more.

Our newest tool for concussions provides legal professionals with a physical report on their client’s head trauma.

How Diagnostics for Concussions Works

To provide diagnostics for concussions, the tool records your client’s eye movements 40 centimeters from a computer with its eye-tracking system. This takes place over about 4 minutes. The diagnostic report scores eye movements from 1 to 20 based on how consistent they are with concussion symptoms.

For instance, a score over 10 is consistent with a concussion, while a score under 3 is consistent with normal eye movements. A score between 3 and 10 may be consistent with a mild injury or in the stages of recovery.

With our diagnostic concussion tool, we can provide you with a documented, physical report on the severity of your client’s head injury. There’s no guesswork or uncertainty. Additionally, we can pair the report with a Neurologist’s medical findings report that supports the diagnostic concussion tool’s summary report. This powerful information is now available to you; click here to talk with us and learn more.

How We Treat Concussions with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Moreover, we do more than provide a diagnosis for concussions. Our Neurotrauma Specialists will review your client’s concussion diagnosis report. They focus on planning effective paths to healing. Depending on the concussion severity, TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) may be a therapy option. 

Most people recover from a concussion relatively quickly. Yet, some can suffer from lasting effects, especially if they’ve experienced a traumatic brain injury before. If your client’s head injury has resulted in headaches, post-concussive depression, or other challenging symptoms, TMS may help.

Magnetic stimulation via a magnetic field is used to treat other disorders like depression, dementia, and stroke, and shows promising results. It’s now used to decrease concussion symptoms and diminish their impact on long-term cognitive function.

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Our team offers a detailed treatment plan that best fits the patient’s case and needs. Watermark Medical Partners provides care to patients with approved consent for funding from Attorneys or Case Managers. Our experienced medical staff works together with Case Managers to better assess and expedite our services for your clients. Let’s get started.

This revolutionary diagnostic concussion tool was developed by two sisters, Dr. Rosina Samadani and Dr. Uzma Samadani. As the Chief of Neurosurgery at Manhattan Veterans Administration Hospital, Uzma researched the connection between brain injuries and restricted eye movement. After realizing the connection between eye tracking movements and brain injuries, she looped in her sister Rosina, a PhD in biomed­ical engineering, and by 2019, they had received FDA granted authorization for their diagnostic concussion tool.


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