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Concussion Diagnostic Tool Offered to Head Injury Patients Across SoCal Works in 4 Minutes


 Watermark Medical Partners, LLC is one of the first healthcare service organizations in California to move beyond the “follow my finger” method for diagnosing a concussion. We now have the newest technology for assessing concussions, a solution called the EyeBOX®. US-based company Oculogica manufactures the EyeBOX®, and using it to assess patient head injuries is as simple as watching TV. 

This device is the only FDA-cleared concussion diagnostic tool that can diagnose a concussion objectively. And, it doesn’t require a pre-injury baseline test. Because of this, EyeBox eliminates the guesswork around diagnosing a concussion. Additionally, it’s approved for both children and adults.

Watermark Medical Partners, LLC was founded in 2021 by Neurosurgeon and stroke and trauma specialist Dr. M. Mohsin Shah, MD FAANS FACS, and Managing Partners Brian Tatomir and Brian Brady. With over 50 years of combined medical field experience, they recognized how dissatisfied physicians and patients felt with ineffective personal injury practices. Through Watermark Medical Partners, the 3 developed a better way to diagnose and provide appropriate care to injured patients.

“Watermark Medical Partners provides the highest standard of care to assist our patients. That’s why we partnered with the EyeBox team at Oculogica,” explains Dr. Shah. “Oculogica has the latest technology available to objectively assess concussions involving ocular changes based on peer review studies on TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury]. This data can help us understand which patients require what treatment.”

–Dr. M. Mohsin Shah

How this Concussion Diagnostic Tool Works

Research shows that patients can develop abnormal or impaired eye movements after a brain injury like a concussion. Clinicians can conduct post-head injury evaluation by tracking a patient’s eye movements with the EyeBOX. The tool is unique in that it detects subtle eye movement changes in patients who sustained a head injury. These eye movement changes are a window into brain function and would go unnoticed if not for the EyeBOX.

Taking the EyeBOX test is like having your eyes checked. The patient faces the device and places their chin and forehead onto a rest to watch a short video. During this time, the EyeBOX analyzes their eye movement data. It uses this unique information to generate an individualized assessment or BOX Score. The resulting BOX Score indicates whether any abnormal eye movement correlates with a head injury. This informs neurologists and healthcare providers of the severity of the patient’s concussion.

The BoxScore shows the concussion diagnostic tool's assessment of how severe the head injury was
The BoxScore shows the concussion diagnostic tool's assessment of how severe the head injury was

Watermark Medical Partners has now grown into an accomplished team of multidisciplinary physicians, advanced practice providers, allied health professionals, and medicolegal advisors. The company sets itself apart by operating under a more thoughtful, professional standard of solution-based healthcare.

For more information on the Watermark Medical Partners, LLC concussion program, call (949) 284-0604or email us at


Watermark Medical Partners, LLC is a healthcare services organization based in Southern California. The company enables patients and practitioners to navigate the complex personal injury space. Additionally, they unify allied health and legal professionals to collaborate on providing superior care with clarity and ease. See how they leverage professionalism and integrity to deliver superior patient care. Visit their website to learn more at Follow on social media for real-time updates on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


Oculogica Inc. is an eye tracking-based, neuro-diagnostic company founded by Dr. Uzma Samadani, a neurosurgeon at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center, and Associate Professor of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at the University of Minnesota School of Engineering. The company has developed the EyeBOX, the first and only FDA-cleared baseline-free aid in the diagnosis of concussions to help physicians objectively categorize concussions. EyeBOX is a 4-minute test for ages 5 to 67. Leading healthcare organizations, including Midwest Orthopedics at Rush University, use the EyeBOX. To learn more about the company and the EyeBOX device, visit

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