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7 Helpful Personal Injury Statistics for California

7 Helpful Personal Injury Statistics for California

How can we identify patterns and risk factors contributing to Californian’s personal injuries and why does it matter? Analyzing personal injury statistics is a smart place to start. Then, we can better prevent the causes of unintentional injury hospitalizations and deaths.

Spoiler alert: In California, more than half the hospitalizations and deaths from unintentional injury in 2019 were from falls and vehicle crashes.

Personal Injury Statistics: Unintentional Injury Hospitalizations

Personal Injury Statistics: Death from Unintentional Injury

(Note that these statistics may not capture all personal injuries in California, as they only include injuries that resulted in hospitalization or death.)

Personal injury statistics can be used to advocate for policy changes and resources to improve public health and safety. For example, if certain types of injuries are particularly prevalent in a certain population or area, advocates can use this data to push for increased funding for prevention programs or changes to laws and regulations.

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